We'd all be heroes if the opportunity presented itself.

Sam the Koala was rescued during Australia's most vicious bush-fire of all time. Any one of us would have given Sam a drink if we had been there.

We all care about nature. We all experience the joy of giving. Researchers have shown that if you spend just $5 dollars on a gift for another person, you'll be happier than if you were to spend it on yourself.

We are all opposed to human rights abuses. Neuroscience has shown that fair cooperation illuminates the reward centres of the brain, suggesting that fairness is a fundamental human need.

We are all inspired by great acts of heroism and creativity. In our finest hour, the human spirit is amazing.

Many of us at war with ongoing demons. Even the great Marilyn Monroe wrote in her private diary, "Why do I feel that I am the worst, that I am sub-human, why?" Mother Teresa said “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for; I think that is a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.” This matters because these feelings of inadequacy can become a corrosive force on an otherwise morally sound soul.

Just as we could all be heroes, we can also be corrupted. In 1969 John Lennon was asked how people can stop the Vietnam war and he replied; "It's pretty hard because we're all violent inside. We are all Hitler inside. We are all Christ inside. You just work on the good bit of you."

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